ICAD Congress

A chance to shape your organisation



5pm approx


Powerscourt Theatre



At our recent AGM, we set out some extensive reforms of our structure (including the establishment of an Executive Board to work with the Board of Management), judging and events, all aimed at increasing relevance to our members.

We also discussed a congress, or EGM, at which we would vote in that executive board, and discuss many of the significant issues that are affecting our industry. We welcome any topics that you feel that ICAD should debate and address and will circulate an agenda in due course. The structure of the event will be simple, an introduction to the topic, followed by 10 minutes of debate, followed by a vote by our members.

Over the past few years, we have been on a mission to become more relevant to our membership. In 2017 we doubled the number of ICAD events, welcoming 1,193 people through our doors. We improved judging standards, protecting the value of the bell. We rejoined ADC*E (Art Directors Club of Europe) in order to increase our European presence and to offer discounts for our members at international awards, initiated a creative training programme called ICADemy and are co-promoting Design Enterprise Skillnet to offer business training for our members. Finally, we improved ICAD’s financial position, reducing the debt and guaranteeing its future.

However, there is still a lot to do. We are in our 60th year and welcome a discussion and debate on how we can help to protect the value of creativity going forward.

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