ICAD Annual Exhibition 2010





One Grand Parade Dublin 4/6

This is an exhibition of 176 pieces of Irish advertising and design work representing the high level of creative excellence in this country.

Also known as the ‘Best of’ exhibition, that’s exactly what it is. Many of the pieces in exhibition were nominated for – and went on to win – an ICAD award back in April. The work on show is the type that creatives aspire to produce and clients aspire to commission and it’s all under one roof for the first time.

Many thanks to C3 Imaging for printing the exhibition, One Grand Parade for giving the exhibition a home and to Associate for their design work. This year, the exhibition will also incorporate the work of our most recent ICAD Upstarts.

The opening reception will take place on Thursday 4 November at 6pm.

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Design by Ciara Cantwell, Associate

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