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UPDATE: Thanks to allinvolved for making Creative Shorts III such a success. Check out the pictures of the night here.


ICAD is honoured to bring you the third annual Creative Shorts event in memory of Johnny Ferguson, ICAD President 1995-96.

The event is curated by Conor Ferguson and Eoghan Nolan.

The Programme

I am Alone and my Head is on Fire (David O’Reilly)
War Story (Peter Lord, Aardman)
The Terms (Johnny O’Reilly)
Soft (Simon Ellis)
Breathe In (Kate Dolan)
The Ten Steps (Brendan Muldowney)
The Wednesdays (Conor Ferguson)

Unlucky Little Man (David O’Reilly)
Ghost Train (Lee Cronin)
An Ranger (PJ Dillon)
Teeth (John Kennedy & Ruari O’Brien)
The Ballad of Kid Kanturk (John Butler)
The Martyr’s Crown (Rory Bresnihan)
Final Journey (Brendan Muldowney)

“Growing up with Johnny – back in the days when “eclectic” was regarded as a typo – meant sharing in a highly varied cultural appetite. He liked things that made you laugh and made you think and broke your heart and, above all, gave you something to talk about.

He would cry laughing at TV reruns of Sergeant Bilko and Spike Milligan, and be glued to the likes of Taxi Driver, MASH, The Last Picture Show and The Shining. But the most enjoyable films to watch with Johnny were pompous, pretentious or clichéed ones, which he would rip to almighty pieces. (And the ads in between too.)

He introduced me to a lot of great films: classic ones and obscure ones; scary, passionate, deranged, and fucking funny ones that might otherwise have passed me by. It’s this spirit that has informed the shorts Eoghan and I have selected here. Enjoy. Ponder. And discuss.” – Conor Ferguson


Johnny Ferguson was President of ICAD from 1995-96. Here is his President’s Address from the 1996 ICAD Awards annual:


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