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The first ever Clash of the Creatives on April 23rd saw a dramatic battle between designers and advertisers. Settling in for an evening of eyebrow furrowing and head scratching were 16 teams under various creative titles: Knobs & Knockers, A Dingo Stole My Baby, The B-Team, Upstairs, Downstairs, The Artists Formerly Known as EIG, Death to Comic Sans, Herve Veillechaise Sings, I Can’t Do This Under Pressure, Bonfire, The Profreshionals, Guess, The Gilford 5, and The Sons of San Quentin.

In amoungst the cries of failure and jubilation the festivities encouraged, were the classy spot prizes of a chinese cat ornament that waves its paw and a crayola crayon flask. As if this wasn’t enough excitement ICAD set the teams a couple of bonus rounds each with a prize of a bottle of champagne (or the next best thing) and 5 points.

Reassuringly, the designers took the logo prize and the advertisers swooped in with the best copyline. When it came to the grand prize winners, the divide wasn’t so clear cut, the designers took first, second, third…and last place so there’s no need for ad people everywhere to hang their heads in shame. Graciously accepting their consolation prize was ‘The B Team’ (we won’t name the agency involved), while proudly accepting the first ever Clash of the Creatives trophy were ‘The Profreshionals’ from Fresh Design.

Helped not least by the kind support of Heineken, a great night was had by all. So much so that we don’t think we’ve seen the last Clash of the Creatives.

Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to ‘The Profreshionals’ who did it for Design. Have a look at our gallery of the evening….

Believe it or not, we still have the questions on file. They will be taken down the second we decide to host another table quiz.

Round 1, General Knowledge

Q1. What do you call the long sashed robe with loose sleeves worn by Japanese women?
A1. Kimono

Q2. Who wrote the Jungle Book
A2. Rudyard Kipling

Q3. What name is given to the popular Greek spirit flavoured with aniseed
A3. Ouzo

Q4. Which Nintendo arcade game first introduced the character of Mario?
A4. Donkey Kong

Q5. What type of gift would you buy for a tenth wedding anniversary?
A5. Tin

Q6. What type of Hat is synonomous with the country Morocco?
A6. Fez

Q7. Siam is the former name for which country?
A7. Thailand

Q8. In what city was Martin Luther King shot in 1968?
A8. Memphis

Q9. Is the tropic of Capricorn north or south of the equator?
A9. South

Q10. What is the national language of Iran?
A10. Farsi
Round 2, TV & Film

Q1. What was the name of the Advertising agency in Bewitched?
A1. McMahon and Tate

Q2. Mel Gibson worked on a Nike account in which film?
A2. What Women Want

Q3. Name the movie in which the following quote comes from “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”?
A3. Jaws

Q4. Whose secretary was Miss Moneypenny?
A4. M (not James Bond)

Q5. Gene Rodenberry created Star Trek, but where would one find his remains?
A5. Space

Q6. In The Simpsons, what is the name of Mr. Burns teddy bear?
A6. Bobo

Q7. Who won the most recent America’s Next Top Model?
A7. Seleisha

Q8. What was the first wholly computer generated film?
A8. Toy Story

Q9. What was the name of the phonetics professor in Pygmalion?
A9. Professor Higgins

Q10. What unusual thing did Lanette Scavo (Desperate Housewives) do in her job interview with an ad agency?
A10. Change her baby’s nappy
Round 3, 1958

All of these questions relate to 1958, the year ICAD was founded

Q1. ICAD was founded in 1958, what does ICAD stand for?
A1. The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design

Q2. The Munich Air Disaster killed 23, including 8 Manchester United players. During which month in 1958 did the disaster take place?
A2. February

Q3. What famous BBC Childrens TV series was first aired in October?
A3. Blue Peter

Q4. Who became Premier of the Soviet Union in March?
A4. Nikita Khrushchev

Q5. What famous singer joined the US Army?
A5. Elvis Presley

Q6. What film won Best Picture at the 1958 Academy Awards?
A6. The Bridge on the River Kwai

Q7. What country won the 1958 World Cup?
A7. Brazil

Q8. The treaty of Rome on January 1st 1958 saw the founding of what?
A8. European Economic Community

Q9. What classic portrayal of the sinking of the Titanic was first released on December 16?
A9. A Night to Remember

Q10. What pope died?
A10. Pope Pious XII
Round 4, Music

Q1. Robert Zimmerman is better known as whom in the music world?
A1. Bob Dylan

Q2. Who had a 1968 hit with ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’?
A2.The Foundations

Q3. Who was the eldest member of the Beatles?
A3. Ringo Starr

Q4. What was the first ever song to play on MTV (US)?
A4. Video killed the radio star – the Bubbles

Q5. Who composed the soundtracks for A Fist Full of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad And The Ugly?
A5. Ennio Morricone

Q6. Master of the Universe Aidan Walsh gained the support of Gerry Ryan in his failed attempt to open what on Dublin’s Aston Quay?
A6. The Rock and Roll Hotel

Q7. Freddie Bulgara was better known as which lead singer?
A7. Freddie Mercury

Q8. On the b-side of U2’s vertigo is a cover version of which band?
A8. Kraftwerk

Q9. Name the title of the Talking heads live album and concert movie released in the early 80’s
A9. Stop making sense

Q10. Which movie did the groups Moloko and Heaven 17 get their names from?
A10. A Clockwork Orange
Round 5, General Knowledge

Q1. Where is the Sea of Tranquillity?
A1. On the Moon

Q2. What was the largest battle of World War 1?
A2. The Battle of the Somme

Q3. Together what are Spain and Portugal known as?
A3. Iberia

Q4. Who wrote the famous opera “La Boheme”?
A4. Puccini

Q5. In which city did Terry Waite disappear?
A5. Beirut

Q6. What famous Australian landmark was opened in 1932?
A6. Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Q7. Which former amputee starred in the video called ‘Uncut’?
A7. John Wayne Bobbett

Q8. What is Scriptophobia?
A8. Fear of writing in public

Q9. What is the largest city in Africa?
A9. Cairo

Q10. Who was the first female to win a nobel prize?
A10. Marie Curie
Round 6, Songs and Images

Q1. Name the product or client that this song most famously advertised.
A1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Q2. Name the art director of the ad this song most famously advertised
A2. Margaret Healion, McConnells

Q3. Name the product or client that this song most famously advertised.
A3. Hamlet Cigars

Q4. What was the copy line that went with the ad that this song most famously advertised
A4. Colour. Like No Other.

Q5. Name the product or client that this song most famously advertised.
A5. Orange Mobile Network

Q6. Who designed this poster?
A6. Saul Bass

Q7. For what website did Chemistry create the ‘Sham Rogue City’ campaign?

Q8. Name two of the people in this photograph of ICAD’s first council?
A8. Jan De Fouw, Ted O’Sullivan, Frank Ryan, Bernard Share, Giles Talbot Kelly, William Bergin, Jarlath Hayes

Q9. What did the guy in the Guiness Christmas Card ad say in the middle of it?
A9. ‘Don’t forget to turn the lights off’

Q10. What year’s ICAD Awards did this Piranha Bar opening sequence introduce?
A10. 2003 Awards
Round 7, Sport

Q1. Which Rugby international team is known as the pumas?
A1. Argentina

Q2. Who did Hitler refuse to shake hands with in the 1936 summer Olympics after winning a gold medal?
A2. Jessie Owens

Q3. How old was Bjorn Bjorg when he retired from tennis?
A3. 26

Q4. Which Ulster County won their first ever All-Ireland senior gaelic football title in 2003?
A4. Tyrone

Q5. What country was Patrick Viera born in?
A5. Senegal

Q6. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?
A6. Eldrick

Q7. Name one or both New Zealand rugby players responsible for the infamous “spear tackle” which ended Brian O’Driscoll’s involvement in the 2005 Lions Tour?
A7. Tana Umaga, Kevin Mealamu

Q8. In what year did Ken Doherty win the world snooker championship?
A8. 1997

Q9. Name the legendary Tipperary hurler who played the last few minutes of the 1971 all Ireland final against Kilkenny in his bare feet?
A9. Babs Keating

Q10. Which American team did Pele play for?
A10. New York Cosmos
Round 8, Advertising & Design

Q1. What UK agency designed the logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games?
A1. Wolff Olins

Q2. In what year did cigarette advertising on RTÉ cease?
A2. 1971

Q3. What colour is the most coveted D&AD Pencil?
A3. Black

Q4. Who produces Britain’s Channel 4 ads?
A4. Channel 4 (They’re produced in-house)

Q5. What two Irish design agencies celebrate 25 years in business this year?
A5. Design Factory and Designworks

Q6. The first diagrammatic map of the London Underground was designed by whom in 1933?
A6. Harry Beck

Q7. Who designed the typeface Univers?
A7. Adrien Frutiger

Q8. In what year did Apple Computers Inc, as they were known at the time release the first Powerbook?
A8. 1991

Q9. Name one of the creative team involved in the Guinness ‘Surfer’ commercial.
A9. Walter Campell or Tom Carty

Q10. Name 3 companies that have visited Dublin as ICAD guest speakers since this week in 2004.
A10. UNA / Thonik / KesselsKramer / Koeweiden Postma / We Are What We Do / The Preddy Consultancy / Spin / Bill Gardner (Logo Lounge) / Anthon Beeke / ..,staat

Round 8, General Knowledge

Q1. What organisation uses the motto Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity?
A1. F.B.I.

Q2. At what fahrenheit temperature does paper burn?
A2. 451

Q3. Which tribe was led by Geronimo?
A3. Apache

Q4. Which part of an animal is the sweetbread?
A4. The pancreas or Thymus

Q5. What were the names of the 3 Bronte sisters?
A5. Charlotte, Emily & Anne

Q6. What number do two opposite sides of a die always add up to?
A6. Seven

Q7. Who did William Butler Yeats marry?
A7. George (Georgie) Hyde-Lees

Q8. New Orleans sits on which river?
A8. The Missisippi

Q9. Which is the only prime number that consists of two numbers that are the same?
A9. 11

Q10. Which flowering plant family includes asparagus?
A10. Lily

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