Anthon Beeke

Graphic Agitation




9 - 5 pm weekdays / 2 - 5 pm weekends


The National Print Museum, Garrison Chapel, Beggars Bush, Dublin 4


Free Entry

Anthon Beeke is arguably one of the Dutch design greats. This retrospective exhibition explores the posters and graphic design work of Anthon Beeke and how he has used them to make statements. Both controversial and world-renowned, this work has the ability to excite.

‘What I find most important in a poster: that it’s a means of communication, it can make people angry, you can use it to stir up a debate. That’s when the medium really works. It’s the sort of power I have from time to time – a power that’s granted me by clients. I’m not always provoking, that would reduce the tension. You have to measure out the indignation and anger, not walk around toting a red hot poker all the time. If you do that, you’re nothing but a pain in the neck’. – Anthon Beeke

ICAD is incredibly grateful to Anthon for the time he shared with us. He left an impression.

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