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Creative Incubator

06.06.19 - 08.06.19

Creativity has to be a main characteristic of every leader, a key element every entrepreneur must bring to the table.

Together with Pi School, the ADCE aim to redefine the creative process so it can humanize technology, ensure the uniqueness of our human being, and balance out the uncontrollable aspects of fast-paced advancement of the world. If there is a recipe to make this world become a better place for everyone, creativity is the only “Must Have” ingredient. Everything else is optional!

Participants of this year’s Creative Incubator will be defining a new process for creativity. They will be pioneers in using creativity to make a real difference, to make great things happen and have a real social impact.

The programme will focus on defining a creative standard, a process that enables upcoming generations to use creativity and design to apply solutions to real-world problems that go beyond communication campaigns. Transforming ideas into high impact and purposeful actions.

Applicants can come from any department of a creative organization, creatives from other types of organizations, and freelancers. Professionals involved with transformation, consultative creative solutions, and technology integration, within the Communication and Advertising Industry.

And remember, members of ICAD are entitled to sign up to the ADCE and avail of their 10% members discount. You can also apply for a grant, which will cover 80% of the cost of attending.

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