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Ruza Leko

What is the most unusual project you’ve ever worked on?
Because I worked at Science Gallery for 5 years, it makes this a very difficult question. Unusual projects are quite common in SG.

A Good example is the Fail Better exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin. This exhibition featured stories of inspirational failures. The goal was to open up a public discussion about failure, particularly the instructive role of failure as it relates to very different areas of human endeavour. As such, we undertook this design project which somehow fails / but inspires at the same time.

We (I worked on this project with Rob Warren, and other members of the Science Gallery team) came up with a concept of an exhibition structure, that could be built in one way, but if it doesn’t work it can be taken apart and re-built in a new way, until we get it right. (Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. – Samuel Becket)

This included a lot of detailed work, and let’s just say that nerves were frayed during that exhibition build.



Who is your creative hero?
Don Norman always reminds me why I wanted to become a designer. I am a huge fan of Experimental Jetset, Bibliothèque and Studio Dumbar.

What would you do with a spare €100?
Jewellery making or a fabric painting course.


What piece of work do you wish you had created?
I feel self-initiated project are extremely important for one’s development. So with that in mind, I will say the Feltron report, United editions and 100 Archive.

What did you take from your Upstarts experience in 2010 and has it continued to influence you?
The biggest benefit for me at the time was to get used to communicate, present, elaborate to senior people in the industry. Weekly meetings/presentations helped my confidence a lot, which was very convenient as I had a job interview at Science Gallery straight after finishing the Upstarts. I would definitely recommend it for anyone at an early stage of their career. The programme gives you a lot of insight into the industry, studios, but also helps you get into right direction of your own career.

Meeting with Family Members of United Nations Personnel who lost their Lives in the Line of Duty (Office of the President of ECOSOC, Room 231, 2nd Fl., CB)


Ruža, a Croatian designer, graduated at IADT Visual Communications with First Class Honours, before joining Science Gallery team in 2010. Ruža worked at Science Gallery as lead in-house designer developing design of Science Gallery’s exhibitions and other projects from the concept to completion, winning several awards and recognitions. In 2015, she set up her own small studio practice Studio Suss focusing mainly on exhibition and experiential design, branding, print and web.

In 2016, Ruža founded a jewellery brand Leko & Leko ( with her dad Ivan. All jewellery is handcrafted from 5000 year old bog-oak and sterling silver. The design is entirely inspired by her personal style in graphic design.

Graduating as a yoga teacher in 2017, Ruža is now working on a yoga programme specific to creative industry. Her classes are designed to help improve focus, problem solving and creativity, while equally helping to deal with stress and industry pressure.