Board Member

Max Brady

Max Brady was a student activist, some would say a bit of a radical, and then fell into production.  Having worked as a producer in the fields of TV Programming, live broadcast, scary!, and documentaries, she then landed into the world of commercials production and has remained there ever since. 

She is co-founder and Executive Producer of Pull The Trigger, Ireland’s newest, and arguably biggest, commercials production company.   

She still likes to think of herself as a bit of a radical, despite having grown up kids, a cat, a garden, and still insists like dressing as though she is a rock chick, (when not wearing wet weather gear).   She swears a lot; very creatively, and likes to drink rose wine, or vodka.  (In case you’re asking.)

When not swearing loudly in the office, standing on a set swearing, or driving around town swearing, she likes to forget about budgets, time lines, and time zones, by going horseriding, where she can be heard swearing as she gallops past, holding on for dear life.