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Awards Juries 2016

Judges Announcement

In an effort to be more transparent about how our awards work we’ll be explaining our awards process over the coming weeks and sharing behind the scenes insights from our judging weekend in late April. We’ve always taken great pride in the calibre of our judges and this year is no exception. Please meet our 2016 ICAD Juries who will convene at Screen Scene in Dublin on 23rd & 24th April 2016 to judge your entries.


Design Jury

The first fully confirmed jury was the Design jury. We’re delighted to announce that Conor Clarke (of Design Factory and Head of Visual Communication NCAD), who so adeptly chaired our design Jury last year, will once again act as Chair to ensure a level of consistency. Conor will be joined by International Design Juror Astrid Stavro of Atlas, Eanna O’Shea (Image Now), Noelle Cooper (Unthink) and Rocky Grennell (Designworks).



We’ve done a lot of work on our categories this year to reflect how we work today and the changing forms of communication we use. When doing so we were careful not to separate the digital work we do – it is not separate to advertising and design but a part of it. In order to reflect this in the way we judge the work, digital will be judged alongside the advertising and design entries as divided up in the Call for Entries. However, we felt that the Design Digital entries would be better served by adding three digital specialists to the Design Jury to judge these entries. We’re delighted to welcome David Douglas (Ebow), Dr. Hilary Kenna (IADT, SeeSearch) and James Kelleher (Lonely Beast).

Broadcast Craft

We have an incredibly strong Broadcast Craft jury this year. Niamh Skelly (of Publicis) will be acting as chairperson and will be joined by Damien O’Donnell (Russell Curran), Dave Burke (Piranha Bar) and Gareth Averill.


Advertising ONE
We’re delighted to be joined this year by two incredibly strong advertising juries. In order to maintain a level of consistency with last year Shay Madden (Rothco) will be judging for a second year running and will be Chair of Advertising Jury One. Shay will be joined by International Juror Keith Lewin and local jurors Rachel Carey (Boys and Girls), Marcus Hartung (Ogilvy), Eddie Gardner (Publicis D), Robert Boyle (Target McConnell’s) and Des Creedon (Cawley Nea\TBWA).




Advertising TWO
Advertising Jury Two will be chaired this year by Mark Nutley of Irish International. Mark will be joined by Darren Wright of Grey London and local jurors Alexis Bouckaert (Eighty Twenty), Colin Hart (The Public House), Adrian Fitz-Simon (Chemistry), Rachel Earley (Three) and Tara Hendron (freelance).




We’ll be sharing awards insights and photographs from the judging weekend so keep an eye on The Bulletin and our social media accounts.