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Third Circle

Company Distinctive Repetition
Client Third Circle
  • Commended
    1 Design: Identity & Branding - Logo
Rossi McAuley
Rossi McAuley

Since its inception, we have worked closely with Third Circle and its founding Director (Jon Grennan) to create all of the visual assets surrounding this emerging brand. The studio created the Third Circle identity at the beginning of 2015 and has spent the last year over-seeing its implementation across the brand’s various printed collateral.

At its core our brief was to create a strong and robust mark that clearly identified with both the chosen brand name and the ideologies of its founder. Third Circle Brewing is a craft beer brewery founded by freshwater biologist and scientist Jon Grennan. Jon’s approach to creating and producing beer is deeply informed by his scientific background, he believes that creating beer is a step by step systematic approach defined by logic and process. Brewing for Jon is very much about establishing a correct equation that when followed accordingly results in great beer. As an individual and a client he gravitates toward straightforward simplicity. This simplistic no nonsense approach is personified by how Jon chooses to name his beer. In a marketplace where it is common practice is to use highly descriptive and at times comical language to name specific beers Jon does completely the opposite. If the brewery produces a Saison beer its name is simply ‘Third Circle Saison’. Consequently we wanted the logo for Third Circle to reflect and compliment this attitude and approach and in doing so bring a unique visual identity to this highly populated market.

Within the craft beer market beer company logos are put onto an endless variety of objects from glassware to tap heads and also printed onto countless forms of media. As a result of this controlling the quality of reproduction is very quickly taken out of the designers and clients hands, hence the need for a ‘robust’ logo. The Third Circle logo adheres to what is considered best practice in the creation of a logo. This being that a logo should fundamentally be as effective when implemented in the most rudimentary of processes available through to the most complex.

With regard to the rationale or meaning behind this mark, it is simply a reflection of the client’s belief in process manifested in a graphic style appropriate to their visual tastes, a logo that requires little explanation when considered alongside the brand’s name.