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The Bean Society

Company Slater Design
Client Java Republic
  • Commended
    1 Design: Identity & Branding - New Branding Schemes
Kathryn Wilson
Matthew Thompson
Kathryn Wilson
Matthew Thompson

Java Republic asked us to design a brand and collateral for their new coffee subscription service called ‘The Bean Society’. They briefed us that the new brand should have its own look and feel whilst still being recognisable as part of the Java Republic family.

In order to achieve this we created a marque for The Bean Society and a design style that uses large diagonal shapes to echo the angles of the Java Republic logo. The font used is the Java Republic corporate font but used in such a way that gives The Bean Society its own distinctive style.

The line ‘Be a Coffee Citizen’ was used to express that this was more than being part of a regular coffee subscription service – it was about being part of something bigger, part of a club. A passport and citizenship certificate are sent out on joining and the coffee bag labels have the feel of a luggage tag to accompany you on your journey.

Rather than being restricted by the small quantities required (100 bags a month), we made the most of it by using materials and a level of hand finishing that wouldn’t be possible on a larger run – this also makes the finished coffee bags feel a little more special for the recipient.



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