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Evan Kane

Company The Public House
  • Commended
    GREENHORN - Copywriting (Greenhorn)

My name is Evan Kane, I have been working as a copywriter in The Social House / The Public House for over two and a half years.

1+2 eBay case studyWe decided to sell some of our rejected pitch work on eBay and give the proceeds to charity. This required a press release, some Twitter posts and a digital ad to spread the word.

3 Ryanair Xmas Escape
A Christmas video message from Ryanair: The real miracle isn’t getting you home to your loved ones for Christmas, it’s getting you back out of there before the Scrabble tiles hit the fan. This video had almost three million views on Facebook and was a big success for the brand.

4+5 Method and Madness Whiskey Launch
We created a whiskey brand from scratch, I worked on a launch video and a digital ad to spread the message that great things can happen when knowledge and discovery collide.

6+7 Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Films
Worldwide video content for Jameson to celebrate their second Christmas – Paddy’s Day. The message being: a party can start anywhere.

Stage 1- A little bit of education about the day itself and the spirit behind it for countries with little knowledge of Paddy’s Day.
Stage 2 – An invitation to try something different for countries with existing knowledge of the day.

8+9 Jameson First Shot Posters
Some posters to entice aspiring filmmakers to enter Jameson’s film competition.

Some print executions to illustrate the real, human benefits of successful advertising.

12-14 Bow Street Times 
To mark the centenary anniversary of 1916, we created a special edition newspaper to tell the story of the Rising from the perspective of the Jameson Distillery in Smithfield (We even made up our own ads).

15-17 Finglas Dental Press Ads 
An illustrated series of press ads that humanise the dentist. Our insight was: they aren’t so scary when you discover the real person behind the mask.

18 Love In Dublin 
A Valentine’s Day poster that showcases the sweet, sordid and seedy landmarks of Dublin.

19+20 Redbreast Press Ads
A series of press ads with consistent tone of voice for premium whiskey brand Redbreast.

URL – Just Eat Christmas Leftovers
Christmas video content for Just Eat. When you’re sick of Christmas leftovers, Just Eat will be there for you.