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Barnardos LOST

Company Boys and Girls
Client Barnardos
  • Commended
    3 Radio Advertising - Radio Commercial (over 30 seconds)

When a child is lost the world takes notice.But what are we doing for the children lost in plain sight? In Ireland 1 in 7 children are LOST to homelessness, lost to poverty or lost to neglect. And nobody is taking notice. Without Barnardos support, these children could be LOST forever.

Barnardos binaural radio, builds what feels like a 360 degree wall of sound around the listener. Taking full advantage of the binaural, it allows us to place the LOST children around the listener. Through this experience listeners would feel like the kids were right there talking to them. And uncover the lost children that we ignore every day. This ad will help to demonstrate the enormity of the problem and how the 1 in 7 lost are all around you.