Ruby Corcoran

Project 1: Exhibition design: 100 objects of Irish Global Solidarity.
Exhibition design, printed matter, digital and campaign.

While working in Design Factory I was asked to take lead of designing a pop up exhibition. We were approached by 80:20 (Educating and Acting for a Better World), to design a visual identity and pop-up exhibition for Irish solidarity in 100 objects. The exhibition provided a snapshot of Irish engagement globally with cultural, political and social issues over the past 50 years.

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the story of Ireland’s relationship with global human rights challenges, showcasing Ireland’s global citizenship, uncovering the many contributions, stories and campaigns, expressed through artefacts, letters and visual arts that bring these histories to life.

The logo is inspired by the definition of the word solidarity — unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. The interlinking zeros of the 100 logo express this feeling of unity or action.

Photographer Joshua Mulholland was commissioned to assist with telling the story of the people behind the objects.

Project 2: Rebrand: Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.
Cultural Identity

While working in Creed, which is a multi-disciplinary agency we were approached to rebrand Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.

I was given the task to restore the identity and bring out the rich heritage that the Cathedral has to offer. Some minor adjustments were made to the Capitular Seal that dates back to the origins of the Cathedral over 800 years ago.

An identity system was developed to provide a clear and consistent tone of voice. One of the goals of the rebrand was to address the colour scheme and replace it with tones that reflected the interior of the cathedral.

Project 3: Letterfrack
Branding & Exhibition

Alongside Conor Clarke at Design Factory we were asked to celebrate the students and graduates of GMIT Letterfrack — the National Centre of Excellence for Furniture Design, Wood Technology and Education — who were selected to exhibit at the prestigious Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2020, we were asked to create a new brand mark for the college.

The LF mark is inspired by the original Irish name for Letterfrack, Leitir Fraic. It also represents the concept of ‘Letterfrack Furniture’ as a mark of quality for the uniquely designed and crafted furniture pieces created by the students.

The letterforms were also inspired by the craft of curving wood and modernist furniture like the classic Eames chair produced by Vitra. They also resemble the branches of a tree, the source and raw material for the furniture produced at the workshops in Letterfrack.

Project 4: Creatives Against Covid Poster

Motion graphics work