What If

IAPI, the Institute of Advertising Practitioners of Ireland approached us with a challenge.

They wanted to promote their postgraduate diploma course in advertising and digital communications as being the number one course for anyone looking to get into the ad industry. And why shouldn’t they? They’re course is 100% backed by the ad industry, with 75% of the course lecturers and tutors working full time in agencies across Dublin.

But was this selling point enough? We decided that the best way to show off the kind of work you could end up doing was to show the best work that has been done in the industry over the past 10 years, a lot of which came from this courses’ alumni.

We played on the simple dynamic of a young creative team brainstorming ideas and seeing them being turned into a reality using the ‘What If’ moment that advertising creatives use so much on a daily basis as a copy construct.

Despite a small budget and much competition, the campaign saw an increase of 6.8% in applications than this time last year.