Paddy Power Confessional

Today, the holy grail for brands is cultural relevance. Telling stories that ingratiate your brand in culture, so that you become a part of it too, deepening your relevance and connecting more meaningfully with your consumers.

Paddy Power is a brand that has built itself on being part of the sports banter, being talked about and shared. But this doesn’t mean a brief is easy. And, it can be more difficult when they want to see if they can drive cultural relevance outside sports. And so, the Pope’s Visit to Ireland represented an opportunity to us to see if we could do this.

We knew directly slagging the Pope and the church was an easy target. Too easy. Instead, we wanted to poke fun at our own relationship with the Church. Introducing the Paddy Power Drive Thru Confession Box. Helping repent decades of sins in seconds, a stone’s throw from the site of the Papal Mass. A 40 foot high confessional using the latest in drive-thru technology got a lot of attention from drivers, with a traffic jam starting as a queue formed to get confession. A Paddy Power approved member of clergy was there to hear the hundreds of pent up sins, with a variety of penances given.

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