IMMA Website

The new website is a living platform, designed to grow and evolve over time. Entering into the project IMMA had an extremely outdated website coupled with a network of satellite sites and no coordinated system of managing content across their platforms. We were tasked with putting in place a design and content management framework, that could be administered entirely in house by IMMA. We carried out the project in a series of phases:


– User-centred and mobile first approach to the project.

– Analysed submissions from over 350 users, members of the IMMA community and professionals.

– 1 on 1 prototype testing with over 40 users of varying backgrounds and abilities.

– Iterative design process

– Fully functional wireframe prototype


– Stripped back UI leading with the brand typeface

– Customisable colour palette per exhibition

– Emphasis on keeping artworks in their original format (not cropped in any way)

– set of custom icons for use on the site building

– art directed on-site photoshoots Build 1 of 3

– custom built server and CDN setup

– version controlled collaborative code base

– scalable component-based structure

– bespoke calendar system

– bespoke faceted search facility

– high-level security protocol suitable for international art institution

– seo and analytics platform


– store and archive over 20 years of legacy content and events

– import and rebuild the IMMA blog

– integration of e-learning and education resources database

– integrate the IMMA onsite inventory system (artworks on website synched with real-life IMMA inventory)

– currently integrating e-commerce, shop and ticketing systems


– training with IMMA staff members (+50)

– ongoing support ticketing contract

– empowering staff to generate content

– future phases of development underway

All of these strands combined are designed to put IMMA’s digital presence on confident, adaptable footing ready to take on the challenges of the next 10 years.