Seize The Denny

Denny is an institution in Ireland, but the brand was slipping. We wanted to recapture a sense of ownership and pride by making people aware of the pioneering nature of the brand. After all, HENRY DENNY INVENTED THE RASHER! It’s true. In 1846, he wanted to export pork across the world but couldn’t without it spoiling. By cutting the meat into thin strips and soaking it in brine, the meat could successfully travel, and rashers were born! It was exploration through preservation.

Henry Denny had an outsized impact on the rest of the world and although he is long gone, that same spirit of being passionate, open-minded and sharing is still lived every day. It’s that philosophy of saying yes and going for it that we wanted to celebrate. Because when you’re open to what life has to offer, everyone gets more out of it. So the brand ambition became: to inspire Ireland to ‘go for it’ no matter what their ‘it’ is. Big or small, a good breakfast will set you up for it. Seize the Denny!

Some canny casting (we gave Normal People’s Paul Mescal his start!), the always hilarious direction of Tom Merillion, and a last minute on-set script change to the now famous line has resulted in an ad that has reached well beyond its media spend and lingered in Irish culture ever since.