Paddy Power Donald Plaza

With Donald Trump’s controversial and mostly unwelcome visit to Ireland, we knew most of the noise surrounding his visit would be uproar. That’s why instead of joining the placard-waving, we went against the formulaic way everyone else was going.

Barack Obama Plaza was a joyous celebration of Obama that was so quintessentially Irish. To go against the grain, Paddy Power celebrated Trump’s visit to Ireland by building him his own plaza – Donald Plaza – as a welcome gift for his arrival.

This wasn’t going to be any plaza though. It had to stay true to Trump and his ways. So we set out to build Donald Plaza, a petrol station that was decked out in gold, chandeliers, and dripping with classiness, offering a set of facilities and services: Covfefe cafe, Stormys Shakes, Vlad’s auto repair, Tremendous Macs, Joes wall supplies and golden shower facilities.

The participation from locals was tremendous. We handed out 500 ‘Make Americanos great again’ coffees along with branded Paddy Power caps. As well as the activation on-ground engagement, we really got people talking online, picking up international as well as local press coverage from CNN, ITV and BBC,, Irish Post, The Sun,, Irish,, iRadio, Rolling News, Reddit, Sputnik News, and more.