NMI Wonder Cabinet

Inspired by the ‘cabinets of curiosity’ which paved the way for the Victorian craze for museums, the Wonder Cabinet is a new interactive exhibition space, which allows visitors to interact more directly with this specially curated collection from the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square. The cabinet itself was designed by AP+E Architects and built by Chris White of Acrewood.

Derived from the theme ‘Predator & Prey’, we created an identity centred on a custom logotype. This was supported by a graphic system of geometric teeth unique to each specimen and a set of bespoke illustrations and colourways. In developing the identity and wayfinding system for the cabinet we worked closely with the museum and the architects to craft a design that is sympathetic to the historic surroundings, using sustainably sourced materials and adhering to strict accessibility, safety and planning guidelines.

We most recently worked with the Museum to retrofit certain elements of the cabinet to be suitable for non-touch Covid-19 usage. Most notably removing doors from certrain exhibits and refitting graphics.