As one of the world’s largest paper-based packaging companies in the world, Smurfit Kappa felt they had a responsibility to help find a solution to one of the biggest problems facing our planet… Plastic packaging waste in our oceans.

But they knew that if they were really going to make a real difference they couldn’t do it alone, they would need to collaborate with businesses, stakeholders and designers around the world to join them on their mission and find environmentally friendly packaging alternatives

The message here is – we have a choice – either we let animals become extinct through plastic waste, or we make waste extinct. To make this point we built a huge mass of floating waste in the shape of a whale to underline this choice. Every piece of waste was built separately and placed into a specific area to help make up the shape and features of the whale. We based it exactly on the shape and scale of a blue whale. It was a painstaking process, but worth it.