Tenters Bar

Located in Dublin’s inner city, the original bar The Tenters has stood on this same corner of Mill Street and Blackpitts since the 1920s, among the linen-makers and distillers from which the name was derived and what the area was known for.

From the outset we were very conscious of sticking to the aesthetic of the bar’s roots when working on the identity and we approached it with a respect for its past history and wanting to preserve this yet bring it into a modern context. We designed a fresh wordmark from the original lettering with a newly crafted T emblem. We also created all the graphical elements to complement the primary identity. Three specifically designed roundels capture the spirit of the old Blackpitts and are used in signage and on coasters while an old map of the area is used on menus and walls. Collaborating with different craftspeople like signage artist Andrew Greaves of Wonder & Signs and illustrator Claire Scully to retain its traditional appeal. Working with Noda interior architects, we brought the brand to life in the environment, enhancing the customer experience.

The identity, including specially commissioned photography and language which is rooted in Dub speak, is an adaptable one which is used across all touchpoints including interiors and digital platforms such as their website which we designed as part of the overall project.