OFFSET was created as a promotional film for Offset Dublin 2019.

The process of creating the music and sound design for this project was a very collaborative one. We (the music/sound design team) were lucky enough to be involved from an early stage, which allowed for an ongoing dialogue with the director and a regular exchange of musical/visual ideas. The director was very open to musical ideas informing the visual, while we regularly took insipiration from early-stage animatics and visual ideas as they were made. For us, this was a first, and a great opportunity to create something where music/sound and image were closely linked.

The film is made up of five different sequences, each with its own distinct audiovisual aesthetic. The real challenge from our perspective was transitioning between these worlds, and making each scene unique, but still connected and cohesive. We worked with some amazing musicians and artists – recording a vocalist (Rachael Lavelle), a cellist (Gabrielė Dikčiūtė) and violinist (Mathilde Bosquillon de Jenlis). We placed heavily processed snippets of these performances throughout the piece, both in an effort to contrast the electronic elements in our music/sound design, and to help tie several different musical styles and tempos together.