Screen Ireland Logo

Screen Ireland (formerly Irish film Board) is the national development agency for Irish filmmaking and the Irish film, television and animation industry, investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. The concept for the identity centres around the idea of Screen Ireland being a vehicle for content delivery. The identity’s mark was developed as a means to represent this, shifting the focus towards how that content itself is framed, which is appropriate for how the organisation operates and what their role in the industry is as facilitators of screen content, just like the formats used to showcase it.

The mark is constructed of 4 screens with different aspect ratios, 4:3 representing the past, 16:9 representing the present, portrait 16:9 representing the future and Cinemascope representing the constant. Much like the content it is representing, the identity is designed to not just be static but have motion built into its foundation. The mark is organic and dynamic and can be applied in varying iterations depending on context and purpose. It can alternate between solid and key-line to expand the possibilities for how it can move and adapt.

Accompanying the mark is a typographic approach that is deliberately minimal and understated while also being confident and sophisticated in it’s application. The decision to exercise restraint here is what allows for the imagery that populates the material to lead the visual narrative. There is a clear separation of tone for the corporate identity material and the marketing material which is visually richer and this contrast is what allows the agency’s output to be balanced and adaptable to the needs of the application.