Stephen’s Green Club

One of Ireland’s oldest and most respected members club, the brand identity of The Stephen’s Green Hibernia Club required an update to appeal to a younger cohort of new professionals living and working in Dublin. Opening its doors in 1840 as the Stephen’s Green Club, in 2004 it merged with the Hibernian Services Club becoming the Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, or for short, SGHC. Following a strategic review in 2018, it was decided to revert to the more manageable name Stephen’s Green Club. It is one of the world’s top private members clubs, renowned for open-mindedness, vitality, hospitality and a distinguished community.

While the word Hibernia was dropped from the name, the figure of Hibernia – the female personification of Ireland – was a very significant element of the existing emblem which we didn’t wish to forego. Hibernia was brought to the fore in a new iteration of the Club’s crest which was redrawn and recreated meticulously in-studio, ensuring a retained elegance which would reproduce and replicate easily, especially in signage and in print finishes. A fitting tribute to the tradition of the club with a new and fresh emblem.