The Island

When we first read about Arranmore, a rugged island off the coast of Donegal, we thought about how it could be transformed by Three’s innovative ICT solutions.

Some background:
Arranmore’s population was in steep decline, and owing to the lack of broadband availability, many of the island’s young people were seeking opportunities elsewhere. We felt that by bringing Arranmore up to speed internet-wise, we could turn the island’s fortunes around.

Our first step to building a connected island was by introducing Three’s high-speed network to Arranmore. We then helped design a co-working business hub where local entrepreneurs could work from, opening it in the island’s community centre.

Innovative IOT solutions were then put in place across the whole island, transforming the fishery, health and environmental industries along the way. These helped Arranmore to thrive once again, as well as greatly improving the quality of life of the islanders. Arranmore saw an 85% increase in tourism, growth in the economy, and applications to move from businesses and individuals all over the world, helping to reverse 150 years of emigration.

And the campaign was a huge success for Three, becoming its best-ever performing film, and increasing awareness among the very audience we set out to reach: Irish businesses. Positive sentiment towards Three Business grew by 25%, and the whole campaign achieved €53 million in earned media. But it didn’t stop there. The story of Arranmore made its way around the world, being picked up as far away as the USA and Australia.