Through The Years Party at the RDS

The latest project for Cogs & Marvel consisted of creating a series of large scale stage designs and games in the RDS following a retro theme, using modern technologies.

The challenge was to create a series of tactile installations that met the client’s design brief, each had their own wow moment for the audience, and also fit with the larger aesthetic of the party.

We created an interactive maze game, a Rubix Cube inspired light installation and a one of a kind reflective disco ball reflective stage design which filled the entire main hall with fragments of light. This was experienced by 5,000 people at an event in 2019.

We designed and built our stage using a custom one-way mirror set up. The bespoke 3D animations were made in our studio to complement the stage’s disco theme. The life size interactive Pac Man game was also an extension of the event’s retro theme.