RSA Anatomy of a Split Second

When you’ve gotten away with it once, you think you’ll get away with it again. But it only needs to happen once, and in the words of so many victims of road traffic crashes: “it only takes a split second”. When you use your mobile behind the wheel, taking your mind off the road for just a split second can destroy everything forever.

This TVC about mobile distraction focuses on just this point. We see a split second under the microscope – caught in time. We introduce the viewer to a serene world in a barbecue setting in a family garden. However, as our focus moves over to the road, we see that a driver is using his mobile phone while driving, and his collision with a family is devastatingly imminent.

At the end of the ad, time returns to normal. We see the crash from the point of view of the offending phone. All of the serenity in the ad up to this point completely destroyed through one simple act of inattention. A split second is all it takes. And of their mobile phone, we ask the viewer: “would it kill you to put it away?”