#WeightOf TheEighth

On an evening leading up to the Ireland’s Repeal referendum, a projection appeared on the side of the Treasury Building’s “Aspiration” statue, adding a powerful new meaning to the figure of a woman climbing the building.

Originally created in 1995 by artist Rowan Gillespie, the projection added a ball-and-chain to the climbing woman with a heavy metallic 8. It’s a stark reminder of the fight for reproductive rights for the women of Ireland, and the incredible burden of the 8th amendment. The country voted on the removal of the controversial 8th amendment on May 25th, 2018.

The original intention of the sculpture was to represent the country’s struggle for freedom, and this remix continues that narrative with a shift toward the struggle of Irish women to gain reproductive freedom.

This striking image was endorsed and circulated by high profile members of the Repeal movement. This influencer-led approach prompted over 3000 social posts, and #WeightoftheEighth” was trending in Ireland. National and international coverage followed, including The Irish Times, The Times (UK) within hours, with coverage in The Irish Times, LBB Online and PR Week.

Amidst the noise, a quiet message made a big impact.

The activity cost €400.