Jose Cuervo Cinemagraphs

Day of the Dead is a long standing Mexican holiday that takes place from 31st Oct – 2nd Nov. During these days, it is believed that the dead return to earth, to party side-by-side with the living. Where they celebrate life, embrace the day, and truly bare their souls. It’s a bright, vibrant festival, which features imagery of sugar skulls and colourful figures called, “calacas”. Our job was to align the biggest festival in Mexico, with the country’s biggest tequila – Jose Cuervo. To achieve this we created a global campaign which featured activations, events, outdoor and POS – which all fell off the brand idea of, “Bare your Soul”. The idea being that this was the only time of year when everybody, both the living and dead, could truly let loose and bare their souls.

The campaign included striking imagery, which featured people revealing their souls through expression and movement. The soul itself being depicted by a traditional Day of the Dead calaca made up of light and colour. To add extra dynamism to this print imagery online, we turned them into cinemagraphs, bringing movements to the already beautiful images, that really brought our key visuals to life. We believe this unique photography style, added movements and use of bright, vibrant colours really did capture the imagery of somebody truly baring their soul.