UCD Creating New Knowledge

The aim of this series was to create content around impactful stories with a special focus on the work of particular researchers at UCD. It had to feel authentic and demonstrate the great value this work has to our society.

We decided to have experienced Science Journalist who had understanding and passion for these topics to conduct a conversation with each person with the aim of elevating the engagement for the audience.

To achieve this, we decided to eliminate the distractions of a typical interview setup and production and make it more a more natural and persona experience for the interviewee. This created the space for a real conversation to take place – without overly scripting. We brought that content into the edit suite and built a storyboard around that content.

After that, we began the second stage of production. Using a documentary style approach with minimal crew, we captured the individuals in their own professional environment.

The challenge here was to make the work place of every researcher feel very dramatic. We achieved this by adding a lighting setup to the existing location.