Three Made by Music Interactive

To compliment the large scale Made by Music campaign, Algorithm collaborated with the agency to create a unique interactive experience for Longitude/EP during Summer 2018. Our aim was to explore how music connects people and how we could use new technology to enhance these moments.

Music makes a crowd bond, experience similar emotions and behave in unique ways. This ‘crowd culture’ creates a feeling of togetherness like no other. Similarly, Three connects people. That is why they are best positioned to celebrate the human connections that are Made by Music.

The music programming for Longitude/EP was composed of local, Irish DJ collectives. These collectives, at their core, embody the “connections made by music” concept: They’re a group of people unified by a common love of the same music. The agency created an experience that reflected the cohesive concept, campaign and lineup.

Our objective was to use interactive lighting and visual installations to complement the live experience and elevate the atmosphere of Made by Music. We endeavoured to create bespoke animations that could tell a story that truly was made by the music. We designed a system that captured audience movement in real time to generate visuals that mirrored their energy and provided an authentically interactive experience.

To realise this vision we redesigned the body of the Made by Music area. We designed an LED screen that snaked around the exterior of the structure down into the dance floor. We coded a system that captured the crowd’s movements and mixed animations we made live based on the energy and intensity of the audience immersion. The visuals were triggered from the dancefloor, from there they flowed up and around the exterior corners of the structure across the LED screen. The scale and illumination of the installation enabled it to be enjoyed from all over the festival site, cementing the concept of inclusion and connectivity.

The generative animations incorporated the crowd connection moments i.e. hands in the air, feet dancing, crowd surfing, and the crowds moving dancing together. These were glitched and manipulated so they become more abstract as gig visuals, but still on brand while visually answering the question of “what’s made by music”? The music generated the movement in the audience, this movement generated the visuals and the interactive element unified all three.

The made by music typography then intermittently glitched into the visuals in almost subliminal way. As this innovative system reacted directly with the crowd’s movements, the audience had a tactile and immediate response. Their experience of the music was immediately represented visualy by our system, adding to the overall immersion.

As facilitators of data and connection, it was important that the experience we designed was both innovative and emotive. Three use data and connection to help people communicate, and our system emulated this by using data and connection to create and interactive and integrated audio visual experience for the audience.