See Green

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup happening in Japan, over 9,500KM away, the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) wanted to ensure all Ireland fans could still experience every moment of World Cup action. We needed to create a campaign that allowed Ireland fans to follow the Men in Green throughout the competition, even if they couldn’t follow them over to Japan.

Before every game, Ireland players and supporters stand united to sing “shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Ireland’s Call”. And this was exactly what we needed to do, we needed to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with all Ireland rugby fans and ensure everyone was part of the team.

We knew every Irish rugby fan would be following the team at the Rugby World Cup, but we also knew that due to colour blindness some fans would struggle to even follow the ball.

Nearly 5% of the Irish population suffer from colour vision deficiency, with the majority classified as ‘Green Weak’. In order to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with all our fans, we needed to ensure that they couldn’t just follow the competition, but they could follow what was going happening on the pitch.

Using Daltonisation Colour Technology we created ‘See Green’ – a Google Chrome Extension designed to help colour blind rugby fans follow all the action during the match. Using technology to allow more fans to follow the Men in Green than ever before.

Turning a once in a lifetime event into a first in a lifetime experience.