Day of the Dead Snapchat Lens

**The Idea** Day of the Dead is about celebrating individuality. We wanted to remind everyone they’re more than just flesh and blood. They’re individuals and free spirits. Focusing on the celebration the of souls was the breathing ground for our creative platform – we wanted to promote everyone baring their souls to the world in one epic celebration. And thus, was the birth of our campaign idea – Bare your Soul. The campaign featured unique key visuals. The striking imagery depicted different individuals revealing their souls through expression and movement. Captured in still form for use across ATL channels, we felt AR lenses were the perfect way to bring this to life online. **Snapchat** We created a custom built, bespoke Jose Cuervo Snapchat Lens for Day of the Dead.

The aim was to create a lens that was true to Snap habits, that gave users what they wanted, but also felt authentic to the festival while staying completely ownable by Jose Cuervo. The lens was live in the Snapchat carousel during the festival dates in specific markets. The lens could be unlocked by scanning our special Snapcode on selected POS and promotional collateral. **Inspiration** This is a bright and vibrant festival which features imagery of sugar skulls and colourful skeletal figures, calacas. Taking cues from the Jose Cuervo brand and the traditional imagery of the sugar skull, we created a distinct brand ‘identity’ specifically for Day of the Dead promotions. We chose brand colours to create a vibrant sugar skull. The skull also featured a feather to represent the after life, and the agave (tequila) plant for new life. The identity was used across everything from outdoor, social posts and POS – everything from 48 sheets to beer mats, bottle glorifiers, stirrers, glasses, tote bags and cups.

**The lens** The identity we had created of course informed the design of our lens. We created a distinct ‘mask’ that appeared on the users face when selected. The mask was inspired by the traditional sugar skulls. Hints of the Jose Cuervo also appeared, such as the agave (tequila) plant. The mask directly talked to the rest of the campaign with elements of the other collateral present. This was treated delicately and felt authentic. Once the mask was on, the lens was then triggered by the user opening their mouth. Once triggered, a blur of energetic light appeared, as the animated “soul” emanated from the user, pulsing and weaving around the user, filling the lens with colour. The tagline ‘Bare your Soul’ appeared.