Bulmers #StatsDontLie Forbidden Fruit

**Intro** In 2017 we launched a new Bulmers campaign #StatsDontLie. The campaign makes witty observations about Irish social occasions and humorously put percentages behind them. The campaign ran across digital, outdoor and TV. As sponsors of the Forbidden Fruit festival, we were asked to create a Bulmers brand experience at the festival. We wanted to do something interactive and cool that people would willingly get involved in and share on social. **Challenge** Our idea was to bring the #StatsDontLie to life in real time at the Forbidden Fruit festival. To tap into the behaviour of festival-goers in the moment by creating fun personalised stats based on our real-time observations of them! **How did we do it? ** Our brand, creative, technical challenge was how to do it in real time? **Creative Innovation ** We created a first-of-its-kind digital billboard 2.5m x 5m that used multi-camera imaging and motion tracking technology. We developed a completely new system to track the audience in real time and in 3 dimensions. We used a number of different technologies such IR sensors and camera tracking, while our team of creative coders built the code. The back end system was programmed to track the human shape both from the front and above, and the front end system allowed the writers to write their own stats on the fly.

The system then outputted to the digital billboard. All of this happening so quickly that the audience had an instant reaction as they approached the piece. As people looked or walked by the screen they could see themselves and their new funny stats appeared alongside their image in real time. Whatever way they moved or whatever they did – dance, walk, twerk or jump, our real time stats tracked their exact body movement and tagged them. Our writers were hidden behind the screen, writing stats in real-time. It had the desired effect of casting festival goers in a real time interactive festival version of our brand TV ad. The audience went mad for it! Over the two day festival thousands of people interacted with the screens providing. It was the ultimate selfie opportunity and really stood out in a manic, festival environment. And most importantly creating an experience that people really wanted to engage and have the craic with. Fun with serious technology! **Sum up** It is to the best of our knowledge the first ever screen of its kind built for any brand anywhere. And is going to tour with all the Bulmers Live music events. It was also our most Successful Social Post of 2017. The video of the event was our most popular Facebook post in 2017.