Matthieu Chardon

Matthieu Chardon Greenhorn – Director, Cinematographer, Editor, photographer. When I was 5 years old, I made my very own Lego animation. I had my own business cards where I gave myself the title “Director of Video Marketing Advertising”. I had no idea what it meant, I just knew that wanted to be in advertising. I am proud to present a selection of my work for the ICAD Greenhorn craft category.

My short biography: After graduating from IT Blanchardstown, I worked in the Nikon call centre. While there I borrowed their cameras and created a video of Dublin that went viral, drawing international acclaim as well as praise from Failte Ireland. I was then hired by Newstalk and Today FM. During this period I directed several documentaries. Some highlights include films shot in Nepal and Rwanda for Unicef and Concern.

For the last 2 years, I have been an in-house content creator for Publicis Dublin, achieving my dream of finally working in advertising.

I am a director, photographer, cinematographer and editor. I am very very passionate, resourceful, and versatile. And clearly humble.

Every day I strive to deliver the most beautiful videography and photography, regardless of resources and budget. I can handle anything from a GoPro to the latest Arri camera. I’ve worked with every form of video from stop-motion animation to classic storytelling, from high-end product video to experiential cinematography.

With this experience, I’ve developed a motto: “The execution of a creative idea is 50% what I know, and 50% what I can discover”, be it new equipment, new lighting or new techniques. I don’t get phased by potential constraints because in video and photo, there is always a creative solution.

During this year in partnership with my colleagues, I have developed Publicis Studio, an ambitious state-of-the-art photography and video studio. I have selected the best equipment and slowly transformed a un-used room into a versatile creative space. With this facility we can offer our clients enhanced production value, pushing the boundaries of an agency in-house offering.

I hope you like and appreciate the breadth of my work.