BOOM! by Lamont / Bailey / Wall tells sad, upbeat stories about easy mortgages and life in a recession. We wanted our work to connect in a meaningful way to the intent and outcome of the music: we felt strongly that this short pop record carried weight and meaning that spoke to our own recent experiences.

For each of the eight songs on the album, we created a visual interpretation; from an abstract sense of confusion (Remembered with Love), to a literal representation (Money). We then worked with illustrator Leah Bredendieck, meticulously executing these as a series of eight hand-painted illustrations. These were then photographed and edited by the wider team and incorporated into the final album artwork. A 12″ insert booklet simply carries an unadorned image for each song per page.

For the cover, we wanted to reflect the happy pop record as well as the context for its creation, so the smiley face on the cover’s mouth is a graph of house prices in Ireland from 2007—2017.