The Campaign That Nearly Wasn’t

The Campaign That Nearly Wasn’t.

On World Cancer Day, The Shop That Nearly Wasn’t, the World’s First Shop 100% Stocked and Staffed by Cancer Survivors opened Dublin and online.

Stocked with books, jewellery, art and tech it was a showcase for the lives and talent we would have lost, if not for cancer research.

The copywriting task was to name something that had never previously been created – and in fact could not have been created were it not for cancer research.

The concept was continued throughout the shop itself, and all the product descriptions – making the treatment and the participants survival central to all written elemnts and the creation of the product itself.

The integrated campaign continued the theme – featuring people and products who could not have been here, were it not for cancer research with the writing and naming convention ‘That Nearly Wasn’t’ being the thread that connected everything.

Even the Print and Social campaign, shot by photographer and melanoma survivor Kevin Griffin, another survivor was the proof that someone can still working thanks to cancer research and the new treatments it finds.