Fruchee Packaging Design

Dairy concepts first approached Dynamo with innovative technology, a brand and a desire to push it further, ultimately to create a successful global brand. This brand name was Fruchee (a clever mix of fruit & cheese) nevertheless, would this name connect with children? We felt a tweak was needed. Thus, Fruchee Friends was born.
The idea of friendship and focus on joy, happiness and celebrating everyone’s differences drove the creative thinking on this project.

The principal task was to deliver a kids brand that would bridge the gap in the market for a natural, tasty lunchbox snack with no mess. Striving to create a design that would communicate the relevant nutritional benefits to parents, whilst engaging with children on a more personal level.

The inner pod provided a communication platform where the brand could create this engagement, evolving into a set of ‘Fruchee Friends’, each flavour represents different personality traits and hobbies, resulting in a diverse set of friends.

The dedication to usability through clear communication is apparent not only in the visuals, it is carried through the print finish of both the outer pack and inner pods, a strong variance in the tactile finish of matt and high gloss areas allows the dairy cues throughout the design to take an almost ‘milky’ form.
The final result remained true to the original Fruchee Friends vision, presenting a unique brand that is scalable globally by focusing on character engagement rather than language.