First Data

Dating in Ireland has changed. We used to heavily rely on matchmaking festivals and pulling on the dance floor at 2am. But now, we’re all about dating apps. But Tinder and Bumble ain’t much better. They still come with dangers, catfishes and weirdos attached.

So, seeing how Irish people use their phones more than anybody else in Europe, we decided to make dating safer, and less hassle.

We created First Data, the world’s first video-call dating show, shot entirely on phones, viewed on phones, and powered by Three Mobiles’ unlimited data. The series paired together singles, who were able to go on a first date, safe from the comfort of their own homes, and their own phones.

The series became the most popular reality show in Ireland, with 2.7million views on YouTube, creating a brand recall of 48% among its target demographic of 18-24 year olds.