Honoris Causa

We worked with Trinity College Dublin to produce a book to record the honorary graduates conferred during Mary Robinson’s Chancellorship. The awarding of honorary degrees—honoris causa—acknowledges and makes public the admiration of Trinity College Dublin for outstanding contributions to scholarship, society or culture.

The book contains the orations (set in both English and Latin) of over 200 individuals who have made the world a better place in a great variety of ways, from world-class academics to artists in various media, to human rights activists and global leaders. The honourees are important role models and sources of inspiration for Trinity’s students and wider communities.

The colour palette used for the section breaks and ribbons reflects the robes worn by the honourees, while the spot bronze mirrors Trinity College Dublin’s Honoris Causa crest. We worked with photographer Johnny Savage to capture the pageantry and tradition of the ‘Commencement’ ceremonies.