You won’t want to sleep in

This brief was for the Irish Examiner Weekend Supplement. The ask was to create a campaign to remind people how good the weekend supplements are on a Saturday. So good, they’re unmissable.

Which led to the concept:

You won’t want to sleep in.

The ideas were presented on the penultimate day of business. Enough to get the concepts across but it would be up to the Irish Examiner to get them made. They needed someone to produce it.

Our photographer had strong ideas on the lighting to create an early morning atmosphere, yet they all had to be individually different and stand on their own.

The production team spent days hunting for hundreds of clocks of all different shape, sizes and ages as well as some unique props for each set up.

They also had to find a proud but docile Rooster.

Despite trying to get one bemused Rooster to keep still and stand straight for more that 5 seconds, all 3 executions were shot in one day.

As well as a stills shoot, we also shot the video versions of each execution.

The chosen shots where then handed over for our team to work their magic on the retouching and then we completed the video content executions for online and social media.

The campaign is now running across Munster on multiple outdoor sites, online, radio and on social media.

Karen O’Donoghue, Marketing Manager, Irish Examiner and The Echo explained “We wanted to create a campaign that reminded people of how good the Irish Examiner offering is on a Saturday and develop a campaign that taps into that laid back feeling people have at the weekend, overall to communicate that the Saturday package has something for everyone and is so good you have to read it.”