Ivona Poljak

This June (2020) marked my second anniversary as an art director, and with that, my second anniversary in this wonderful, chaotic industry called advertising. Whenever someone asks me why I fell in love with the industry the answer is always: empathy. Everything we do comes from the desire to empathise with people; why we do the things we do, why we feel the things we feel… We work relentlessly to understand and to, with a single image, video or a soundbite, tell people that we understand. And that’s what I strive to do with every image and every piece of communication I make. I want to know what makes people laugh and then make them laugh. To know what they perceive beautiful and to show them that beauty in the things they don’t notice. I believe that the work that I’m
most proud of, and the work that I’m submitting did just that.

My first two campaigns with the agency; Galaxy and Snickers were shortlisted for Kinsale Shark Awards in 2019. Galaxy reminded people to fine sublime beauty in the mundane, and Snickers made them laugh in all the wrong places. The EBS ‘Start Here campaign’, the biggest one I worked on to date, has taken the ‘I-have-to-get-out-of-here’ moments and dramatised them to create a whacky, unique and colourful world.

In addition to the submitted work I have worked on brands across our agency: Rockshore, DCU, Ballymaloe, Disney, Bord Bia, Lidl, Avonmore & Barry’s Tea. I was also shortlisted in the Digital category for Cannes Young Lions two years in a row. I hope that in the future, I’ll continue to understand people and make them feel deeply through my work and that my enthusiasm will always be equal to the one on my first day in the agency.