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A history in print

Over the years, ICAD has commissioned some beautiful pieces of print design and since about 2003, we’ve kept them in pretty good order. However, there are some significant gaps in our archive. If you have any ICAD material tucked away in a bookcase or even a shed or attic, please let us know.

In the meantime, we’ve been showcasing some of the pieces we have over on Instagram. Take a look here too …

2007 ICAD Awards Call for Entries by Conor and David, now Workgroup (two views)
Pack advertising an ICAD workshop with Neville Derby to be held in Adare Manor, 17-19 Jan, 1992
The Stone Twins event poster, 2009, by The Stone Twins
2011 Make the bell poster by Ciara Cantwell, Associate
2015 ICAD membership poster by Kathryn Wilson, Slater